Business Leadership Coaching

Enabling you to become a leader that others choose to follow

Lesa has worked alongside some outstanding leaders both in sport and business whose natural ability to influence and engender support for their vision seemed to come naturally.

These qualities are often born out of a very deep sense of knowing yourself and how you connect with others.

They are less about someone’s position or title and more about the person.

A successful leader has more to do about others perception of you as a leader, rather than your own.

80-100% of companies deem emotional competency as crucial for an outstanding leader rather than technical or cognitive capabilities (Goalman).

Lesa will work with you and your organisation to:

  • Appreciate that the capabilities you need to thrive as a leader and an organisation are not through the addition of new models, but simply are based on a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we interact with each other.
  • Develop leadership capability and teamwork through individual coaching and team workshops
  • Learn how to foster greater trust, loyalty, and genuine relationships through authentic leadership

If you and or your organisation are ready to take on the challenge of looking inward for self generating leadership capabilities, then take action and contact me.