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An influencer, a motivator

Lesa Muir is the Head Coach

A passionate business professional with 20 years’ experience as a Chartered accountant, Senior business consultant and Finance manager.

I was motivated to develop my own knowledge of coaching when after reaching a career crossroad I teamed up with an executive Ontological coach.  The benefits for me were profound, I became far more adaptable in dealing with life’s inevitable challenges. 

"My vision now is to inspire others to reach their potential and to provide them with inner resilience to navigate life’s challenges."

It was important that my coaching profession was founded on legitimate and credible theoretical work, the 18 month graduate diploma in Ontological Coaching is accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

The beautiful Dandenong Ranges is where I call home with my wife Tomie, where we spend our down time running the trails and enjoying the quiet life. I still consider myself a Sandgroper though growing up in the South West of Western Australia and spending the majority of my adult life in Perth.

My Cancer Journey

At the age of 36, my life took an unexpected twist when I was diagnosed with un-treatable stage 4 cancer (Melanoma). In the following years I had surgeries on both lungs and my liver and participated in a year long immunotherapy research trial. 11 years on through perseverance, and a realistically positive mindset I am incredibly fortunate to still be around to tell my story.  The experience providing me with a great deal of learning's mainly that life is precious, and to be grateful for what I have.

"I believe in living life to the full and I am passionate about helping others do the same"

Athletic Endeavors

I have always drawn energy from nature, and enjoy the odd challenge. In 2008 when my health was stable I signed up for my first 48-hour adventure race, and was instantly hooked! I have since competed in a number of 7-day world series adventure races, 24-hour world championships and 100km ultra-trail races. The sense of freedom, challenge and non-prescriptive nature of these events provides a great relief from the heaviness of our fast-paced lives. Read more about these adventures here.

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